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5 Fun Virtual Date Ideas During Restricted Travel

Does the thought of dating somebody virtually put you into a slumber of boredom? You may not have an option at this present time. Strict lockdown procedures can put a damper on anyone’s dating fun!

Thankfully these five virtual date ideas will keep you from falling asleep behind the

Develop Your Connection at a Deeper Level Using Spotify
They say music is the melody of the heart! What better way to connect with someone
than introducing them to new songs! Spotify recently released an option in their music
app that allows two or more people to listen to the same playlist together.

You can even give them fun challenges such as playing a song that describes them,
playing a song that reminds them of their favorite vacation, or even a childhood

Can you hear the love tonight?

Cook Up Some Romance!!

Did it just get hot in here or is that you?!         

Nothing says love more than eating your way to your date’s heart through their stomach. Virtual cooking classes are making stoves sizzle across the country!

You can even ask the chef to teach each other how to cook your favorite meals!

If you’re not into cooking you can always order each other a surprise meal and try something new if you’re seeking to add adventure into your palate.

Dive Deep Into Your Compatibility Information

can give you useful information that will help you both understand each other’s needs, and also provide clarity on how to navigate through rough times.

Now is the perfect time to test the oceans of your souls and see if you’re a good fit for each other. Compatibility is essential in any relationship.


Check out websites that allow you to explore your natal chart. Some websites even give you your rising, sun, and moon signs. Exploring this information together helps you to gather insightful information on what you can expect from being in a relationship together.

Want to look at compatibility at a deeper level? Consider getting a tarot reading from an intuitive reader! They

Learn Your Love Languages Together

Understanding each other’s romance language can provide you both with more of an understanding to what you both want from a relationship. Knowing this establishes trust, and increased the energetic bond between you and your person of interest.

Answer each question and tell your date why you wrote those answers. In the end, you both can read each other’s love language out loud and see if it resonates with you.

Have a Virtual Classy Date Night

Take out your finest dress, classiest heels, and suit and tie! Order from each other’s favorite fine dining restaurant!

Set the mood by playing some soft jazz, or sensual music in the background. Drape lavish curtains in the background, Add a lush throw to the end of your bed to make it look more elegant.

Add a great ambiance to your date  by lighting candles throughout the room as well. Just be careful not to light it near anything that can catch on fire! Having the firemen show up during a virtual date would not be cute!

So will you be having the escargot, or the fillet mignon?

Whether you get a remote tarot reading with your date, learn how to cook their favorite dinner, or share the language of love through music, these five virtual date ideas are sure to keep you entertained while dating at home.


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