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5 Fun Virtual Date Ideas During Restricted Travel

Does the thought of dating somebody virtually put you into a slumber of boredom? You may not have an option at this present time. Strict lockdown procedures can put a damper on anyone’s dating fun! Thankfully these five virtual date ideas will keep you from falling asleep behind the screen. Develop Your Connection at a Deeper Level Using Spotify They say music is the melody of the heart! What better way to connect with someone than introducing them to new


Five Online Dating Red Flags That They Are Not Ready to Start a Family.

Dating in restricted times has put a damper on traditional ways of dating. No more bars, say no to nightclubbing, and definitely no meeting up for a cup of Coffee! You can forget about meeting attractive family orientated men and women at sport events. On the flipside, lockdown has pushed more of us to give online dating a try. While online dating can be a great experience, here are five online dating red flags that they are not ready to