Careers have taken
up their time

No matter what industry you work in, your career can always be a threat to your relationship. Some say that the two biggest relationships in your life are your romantic one, and the one you have with your career (if you are truly passionate and therefore want to occupy your time only with your work). If you think about it does make sense why people would say they are two powerful influences in your life: they can both consume your thoughts, can keep you up at night, monopolize your schedule, and can be the driving force behind most of your major decisions. They can both bring you an enormous amount of joy, but only if you put in a good amount of work.

Life always poses a ridiculous task ahead for each of us, attend and respect the responsibilities you have, but at the same time remember that most of them are not even that important. At the end of the day what makes us the happiest is our relationship. If you lost your job, you could probably find another one relatively easy and probably find joy again in doing it. But if you lose the person that you love because of a job, that is something which you may never recover.

So, if you are a career driven person, but still wish to have a relationship then here are a few words of advice which can help you avoid missing out on whats really important.

If you are the kind of person who wants to evolve and raise higher in their career, then know that there will always be opportunities where you can get promoted and earn more. But remember that more money means more responsibility and therefore less time with your partner. Even if you are physically with your partner and yet you are thinking of what to do for work, then you are not fully with your partner as mentally you are not present. That can cause you to reach a point of boundary in communication. Nowadays, everything must happen right away, therefore responding to work emails and messages seems imperative. But if you are at a dinner table and responding to emails instead of talking and spending time with your significant other than you can find you will be missing out on important moments with your partner. Leave all you need to do for your work when you are in your spare time and share it with the person you love instead of spending it doing work.

Remember that your work is just a means to an end. At the end of the day we all end up in the same place, and all that matters are the moments that make you the happiest and remembering that you lived life and not just survived it. And to quote a romantic Song, “All you need is Love” so don’t let your career stand in the way of that.

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