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Five Online Dating Red Flags That They Are Not Ready to Start a Family.

Dating in restricted times has put a damper on traditional ways of dating. No more bars, say no to nightclubbing, and definitely no meeting up for a cup of Coffee!

You can forget about meeting attractive family orientated men and women at sport events.

On the flipside, lockdown has pushed more of us to give online dating a try. While online dating can be a great experience, here are five online dating red flags that they are not ready to start a family.

1. Mood Swings

No one has perfect days all of the time! Many of us are trying to keep our heads above water, and pay bills while on lockdown. A majority of us are stressed about this pandemic,money,and other stressors we didn’t have to be concerned with before. It’s not okay to just randomly get snippy at someone but it does happen.

However if you’re talking to someone, and abruptly, they go from happy to angry this could be a red flag to run for the hills. This could hint at a serious mental issue going on that they haven’t addressed.

1. The Gym Rat

If every photo of your potential date is either them holding up a protein shake, working out, or showing off their muscles, you may want to consider moving on. Staying in shape is great but if that’s all they talk about they have narcissistic tendencies. Do you really want to date someone who can’t get enough of themselves in the mirror?

They are also most likely to never put their offspring or partner first because they are only concerned with themselves.

1.The Party Pal

This person loves to celebrate regardless of the occasion! By celebrate we mean drugs and alcohol. If every picture of them is either high or drunk, they are not responsible enough to start a family.

Plus, do you really want to introduce someone who is lit all the time to your friends and family who are important to you? Absolutely not!

1.The “Just Ask Me” Profile

Ever feel attraction and a magnetic pull to someone’s profile?  But yet when you click on their profile there’s not a single sentence. For example “too much effort to write just ask” or “don’t want to type a lot of information just ask.

You want to avoid this online dating red flag. If she/he is barely putting any effort into introducing themselves, they are  going to expect you to do all of the talking. Years down the line if things got serious, you can expect to raise your kid on your own. They will never give you the effort as their partner or as the parent of your child.

1. Lying


A serious online dating red flag that raises concern over whether someone is parent material or not is their honesty. It’s understandable that if someone has been incarcerated they may not want to stay that right away. But that is something that should  be brought up eventually. Another instance you need to be cautious of is lying about their criminal offense. For example someone may say they’ve been arrested for drugs and then you perform a background check and you learn that they have a felony.

Dishonesty is a serious red flag when it comes to online dating. It takes trust to make any relationship work especially if children are conceived.

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