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After many heart-to-hearts with relatives and friends about their concerns of not being in a relationship and really wanting to start a family, it was clear the problem they faced was they simply didn’t know how or where to meet someone. In particular, finding the right person for them was not helped by people using dating sites as a quick fix. Some singles were just unlucky with dating someone who didn’t have the same life goals as them, which can be completely disheartening during a search for ‘the one’. Meeting the wrong person was also a massive issue, with people often wasting time and being interested for improper reasons. Unfortunately, the majority of dating sites are filled with singles looking for short term fun and have no intention on finding someone to settle down with. Being consumed by their own work commitments was also found to be taking over lifestyles, and older generations with long-term careers and no partner, were ending up filling their time working instead of socialising. With their close network of friends often having families of their own, they felt alone and finding that special partner seemed almost impossible. Being of an older age sometimes leads to a lot of stress and worry regarding missing out on a family, and that if something is not done quickly, it may be too late.

This is why our caring, family run business Start a Family Dating was set-up. We want to make what seems impossible, possible. Passionate about matching individuals compatibly, to fulfil their relationship goals and needs, we want to support singles with their own personal goals. We also feel it is important to cater for everyone, whether that be LGBT, disabled or someone wanting to complete a family unit that have children with no partner. We will ensure likeminded and committed individuals find each other easily and quickly. Fulfilling the gap in the market for dating websites, we aim to match lonely singles who are looking to meet the love of their life and start a family.

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