We founded our website for the following reasons :-

Many discussions were had with relatives and friends about their concerns of not being in a relationship and really wanted to have a family didn’t know how to meet anyone, they felt alone as their close net work of friends had their own families.

They felt that they were getting older and will miss out if they didn’t do something quicklyThey didn’t know where to meet someone Meeting the wrong people was a massive issue too busy with work commitments.

From our own experiences i.e. Time wasters, players ,catfish, etc

We wanted to help singles as a majority of dating sites are just quick fix sites some people are just unlucky with dating as they are meeting the wrong people who don’t want to commit and haven’t the same goals in lifeWe also would like to be available to everyone it i.e. Same sex LGBT, disabled and for anyone wanting to complete a family unit that have children with no partner.We came up with the idea as we wanted to help these singles with their own personal goals and thought this website would cater for this.After these discussions it sparked an idea that there was a gap in the market that needed to cater for many lonely singles.