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It was in the winter, November 2005. Telling it now, it sounds like an age has passed by, but it feels like it was just yesterday. It had been a while since my last relationship and to tell the truth I wasnt quite sure how to start another. Anyway, it was in that winter that we both connected at the click of a button. Yes, thats how we met, on an online dating website. Of course, for many people today it may sound trivial, but for me it was something new, exciting and rather scary. We were both looking for a new relationship, someone we could laugh with, talk with, but most importantly someone we could start adventures with and who could understand and support us both through the happy moments and the most difficult ones. So, we started chatting via the online facility, starting to learn more and more about each other, to the point our chats transformed into emails and thereafter to phone calls. We felt like we could talk forever without ever exhausting subjects, it was that easy to talk to each other. Sometimes we would’nt even realise we talked until the early hours of the morning and we would have to get ready for work and reluctantly hang up the phone. And then, after a few weeks we decided to meet. I was so very nervous, even while I was getting ready, I was asking myself What if I dont like him when I meet him? What if hes not the same as he was when we talked on the phone? and then another crucial question
came into my head, What if he does’nt like me?


Eventually, I took a look in the mirror and went to meet him at the local pub as we arranged. And as soon as I saw him, I knew he was the one for me. The evening was a great success, I dont think I had a better first date. After that we started seeing each other quite regularly. I never thought Id start online dating to settle down, but after fourteen years of being together and six of them being married, we could’nt be happier. We started a family together and our relationship is still blossoming and growing.