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You’ve survived Uni.


You got a career and a big, empty,  house.


Something is missing…


You’ve finally decided you’re ready to settle down and begin a family so you sign up for countless dating apps.


After a plethora of unsuccessful dates you’re still in your pajamas, binge-watching your favorite T.V show, and eating cold take out. 


There’s still no ring on your finger,and no one to roll over and grin at in the morning.


Are you destined to be alone? Is there any hope of finding ever-lasting love and starting a family?


Don’t fret! The days of pointless dates that lead to heartbreak are gone!


Start a Family Dating will help you find the person worth waking up to!


Why Try Start a Family dating?


Your First Month is Free

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Interests That Aren’t Just Physical

This isn’t a dating app! You don’t have to go off of somebody’s appearance. Similarly you don’t have to pray that your looks are good enough to snag a date. Start a Family Dating takes interests and makes them a priority, not just an alternative when connecting you to top-notch matches! Looking for that spiritual Yogi to go on a retreat with?  Desire a partner who’s got a competitive edge when it comes to sports? Do you desire a down to earth partner to walk your dogs with?  Start a Family Dating can help!


Similar Values, Not One Night Stands

Find a partner who cares about morals and values. Finally, a match that takes your heart, and desires seriously!


Kick useless dating apps to the curb and give Start a Family Dating a chance today!